19 enero 2011

I'm listening to all the songs you like. I'm listening to all the song we like. The picture of us is still sittingg on my desk, and for some reason it still makes me cry whenever i see it. We're smiling, and our smiles are all around me. Our happiness kills me. I don't know how i let you inside, and i don't know why i can't seem to let go. You came in and told me all the things they warned me about, but i believed your every word. I thought you were the one, and i thought forever might actually exist. Did you mean it? Did your think of the words that left your lips? Do you sometimes sit here as i do and reflect back on everything that we once had? Do the little things aver remind you of me? It's going to be two months until i see anything that has to do with youm and i´m so tired of this feeling. you left me hanging on a thread that was wearing thin, and now i'm lost beyond belief. I can't let go of someone who's the best part of me.


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